Tired of Dealing With Cracked and Crumbling Asphalt?

Contact a paving company based in Glendale, & Sun Valley, CA to spruce up your pavement

If you have a driveway or parking lot with cracks and potholes, you won't want to wait to fix it. Not only are potholes an eyesore, but they're also hazardous to cars and pedestrians. Luckily, Paving Etc. Repair and Maintenance provides high-quality paving services to both residential and commercial clients within a 100-mile radius of Glendale, CA.

From repaving entire driveways to touching up parking lot lines, our paving company does it all. Call 323-886-4181 now for a free estimate on all of our paving services including asphalt paving, concrete paving, and parking lot paving.

You'll appreciate our variety of services

We offer all kinds of commercial and residential paving services, especially when it comes to finishing work. You can trust us to touch up the paint in your business parking lot with parking lot striping services. To protect your home's new driveway, we can also perform high-quality and eco-friendly seal coating work.

No matter how you want to install or touch up your pavement, you can trust us to make it sturdy and good-looking. Schedule residential or commercial paving services today.

Depend on us to get the job done

A good paving company will make sure that your pavement is well-maintained for years to come. You'll want to work with Paving Etc. Repair and Maintenance because...

We bring over 27 years of experience to each job

We're fully licensed, bonded and insured

We pride ourselves on being professional and reliable

We pay attention to every detail to ensure high-quality results

Since we're a small, family-owned business, you can expect a more personal service experience from our team. Get in touch with us today to discuss a service plan.

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